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Kirk holding McCoy's flask

Kirk holding McCoy's flask

A flask was a small flat container used to hold beverages, usually alcohol.

In 2154, Klingon Doctor Antaak gave a flask to Denobulan Doctor Phlox while the latter was enduring imprisonment in Qu'Vat Colony. However, Phlox chose not to drink from the flask. (ENT: "Divergence")

In the final draft script of "Divergence", this container was referred to as a "water flask". Its contents are unclear on screen, though. Also, in the script, Phlox drank from the flask, causing him to become more "aware" while drinking.

Phlox's captor, General K'Vagh, had a flask of his own, which was filled with alcohol. At one point, he used it to toast the bravery of two Klingon warriors under his command. Phlox also declined to drink from this flask. (ENT: "Divergence")

In the final draft script of "Divergence", K'Vagh's flask was described as "a tiny, rustic flask."

In 2255 of the alternate reality, Leonard McCoy drank from a flask, presumably to calm his nerves about the shuttle flight he was taking to Starfleet Academy. He offered some to James T. Kirk, who drank from it. (Star Trek)

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