A flight safety course was a class offered by Ledos Port Control to pilots of vessels in their territory. It was typically required of pilots as a penalty when one was determined to have violated Ledosian Law, such as Piloting violation 256. An official from Port Control conducted the class.

It consisted of reviews of proper piloting procedures in Ledosian space, as well as specific instruction in the operation of a space vessel. The class was concluded with a test. The class could take as long as three days, though the instructor could permit the offender to take the final test immediately.

Failing the class would result in the revocation of the ability to operate a vessel in Ledosian space.

Tom Paris was required to take this course in 2378 after violating that law while piloting the Delta Flyer. After cutting the class short to help restore the energy barrier protecting the Ventu, the instructor, Kleg, failed him. Paris noted that the punishment would not be a problem, as Voyager left their space soon after. (VOY: "Natural Law")

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