Flotilla was a Spanish word meaning a small fleet of ships.

In 2376, Lieutenant Commander Tuvok placed the USS Voyager on red alert after detecting multiple ships with weapon signatures ahead. After coming out of warp, it was found that the ships were nothing more than old, obsolete vessels all for sale by a trader named Abbadon. Tom Paris sarcastically congratulated Tuvok by saying, "You just saved us from a flotilla of hostile trash." (VOY: "Alice")

A group of Xindi ships that accompany Enterprise NX-01 to the Xindi Council planet in ENT: "The Council" were referred to in the final draft script of that episode as a "flotilla". The term was also applied to a collection of vessels that rendezvous with Enterprise on its way back to Earth following the Xindi incident, at the end of ENT: "Storm Front, Part II". In the final draft script of that episode, the group was described as "a dazzling FLOTILLA, ships of all shapes and sizes, surging forth to meet Enterprise."

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