"Once upon a time in the Forest of Forever, Flotter and Trevis encountered a strange element they'd never seen before..."

"Flotter, Trevis, and the Ogre of Fire" was a holodeck story. It was one of a series in a holoprogram called The Adventures of Flotter.

In 2375, Neelix and Naomi chose this chapter to play out in USS Voyager's holodeck after eliminating two other possible choices. When she picked out the story, he initially cautioned her, saying it sounded a little scary. She reassured him that she wouldn't be scared if he was with her.

Upon entering the holodeck, they discovered Trevis on fire. Under the direction of Naomi, Flotter discovered his ability to extinguish the fire. Afterward, Naomi learned from the two that the fire came from the sky and they initially presumed it was from lightning. After realizing that the sky was clear and there was no sign of a thunderstorm, however, Naomi reached the conclusion that this was the work of the Ogre of Fire. The Ogre of Fire then appeared and threatened to burn the forest to the ground. Flotter evaporated and the forest was burnt to the ground. Naomi then had the logical urge to discover where he went, ultimately discovering a way to return Flotter to his previous form. (VOY: "Once Upon a Time")

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