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A sidewinder forklift

A forklift was a type of truck specifically designed to lift heavy loads.

On Earth, forklifts were in use as early as 1986, at which time several were used aboard the USS Enterprise. A Hyster brand forklift was also used at Plexicorp. (Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home)

The ECS Horizon carried a forklift aboard it. (ENT: "Horizon")

In the alternate reality, Airtrax type forklifts were used in Hangar 1, and a similar type was in use in the secret facility at the Kelvin Memorial Archive. (Star Trek; Star Trek Into Darkness)

Aboard the USS Enterprise, flying forklifts with clamps were used in the cargo bay. (Star Trek Into Darkness)

A hover fortlift

During a second contact mission to Apergos in 2381, Doctor T'Ana used a hovering forklift to transport a large boulder to drop on Commander Jack Ransom, who was transformed into a god-like being by strange energy. She was convinced this was the only way to stop him, since that was how Captain James T. Kirk defeated Gary Mitchell. (LD: "Strange Energies")

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