Fort Knox was an Earth museum.

Located in Kentucky, Fort Knox was known as the largest repository of gold bullion in Earth's history, holding over 50 metric tons worth over nine trillion U.S. dollars. With the transition to the New World Economy during the late 22nd century, money became obsolete and Fort Knox was turned into a museum.

As of the 2370s, the facility had a reputation for being impenetrable as no one had ever managed to break into it. This despite there having been one notable attempt in the previous decade, by two Ferengi.

In 2375, while planning a heist of a Borg transwarp coil, Captain Janeway of the USS Voyager used Fort Knox as a metaphor to explain the scale and the level of security around the prize they sought. Some of the staff did not understand what Janeway meant, requiring Tom Paris to explain. In light of this, Captain Janeway named their mission "Operation Fort Knox". (VOY: "Dark Frontier")

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