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Could Krall and his army be part of the Borg collective? because when I watch Star Trek Beyond I see a ton of similarities. let me give you eight possible reason why I think they're the Borg! 1.a hive mind, 2.the quote 'Save you from yourselves', 3.the swarm of ships kinda looks like a swarm of bees, 4.the scene when Bones scanned that diseased crew-member. he found little micro-machines inside him, 5.the scene were Krall when he was human and he stated: him and his three surviving crew members where the only ones who left after an unknown species of alien hybrid organic and/or technology advanced beings where present, 6.when the Star Trek characters explain by viewing their 'Hive Mind' which all the aliens we're communicating through by. they took advantage of that, and used it to defeat the 'Hive Mind and/or Borg Ships', 7.the Borg can also absorb billions of alien species into their hive collective, and furthermore, people could revert back to their original forms after being assimilated--(watch the Next Generation TV episode with Captain Pickard), 8.the inner halls of that sanctum kinda resembles a Borg like Hive, which the characters were trapped in and etc. I could go on, but I believe and I could be wrong? but the Borg could have abducted all his crew and eventually him and his other three surviving members, and by thus assimilating them into their collective -- the Borg Queen could've used his pro-war stance and anger to twist him and his entire crew's minds and also thus making him into her billions of mind controlled puppets in her army to assimilate the entire universe. and know he's called Commander Krall almost like a high-ranking leader in the Borg Army. changing his new name into Krall which by the way sounds totally like another Borg name aka Locutus of Borg when Pickard was assimilated into their hive mind. and to end this off; they've stated that Captain Kirks father George Kirk had survived? somehow sense Nero's ship is made up entirely of Borg Tech. it could have been that he was also half dead until the Borg like Krall -- assimilated him as well! just saying and God bless 7/25/2016 The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk).

The film makes it quite clear the technology came from that planet and not the Borg. 31dot (talk) 21:13, July 25, 2016 (UTC)

You could very well be totally right, but. and I am just guessing here, that tech could had come from the Borg way before their arrival -- just saying? but thanks for the commit!

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