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Foundations, Book Three is a Pocket SCE eBook novella – #19 in the series, and the third part of a three-part story – written by Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore. Published by Pocket Books, it was first released in August 2002. The novella was later collected in the SCE omnibus Foundations.


From the book jacket
Concluding the all-new trilogy that tells the origin of the Starfleet Corps of Engineers!
The USS da Vinci's cultural specialist, Carol Abramowitz, has always had trouble with first-contact missions, so when she expresses her concerns about dealing with the alien race the da Vinci has rescued, Captain Montgomery Scott tells her a story from the S.C.E.'s past...
A century before the heyday of the da Vinci, an engineering accident on an experimental Kelvan ship sent Scotty and an S.C.E. team led by his old friend Commander Mahmud al-Khaled into uncharted space. When a group of hostile aliens demands that they leave or face the consequences, the S.C.E. must work against the clock to repair the ship or face destruction!

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