Fraddocks transport-profile

Profile of Fraddock's transport

Fraddocks transport-docking

Fraddock's transport docked with Enterprise

Fraddock's transport ship was a type of small 22nd century transport ship operated by Captain Fraddock.

In September of 2151, Fraddock's transport ship ferried a group of pilgrims to the Great Plume of Agosoria as part of a spiritual encounter.

On 9 September, Fraddock's transport was contacted by the Earth Starfleet starship Enterprise, which requested to make contact and make cultural exchanges. Fraddock agreed, docked his ship with Enterprise and offloaded a number of the pilgrims.

Fraddock's transport later escorted Enterprise along the fringe of the Plume, nearly missing an energy discharge that struck the Earth ship. (ENT: "Cold Front")

This vessel was scripted to be "small, weather-worn" and actually "tiny."
The interior of the vessel was depicted as a one-wall set, built on Paramount Stage 18.
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