Frankie Eyes, whose real name was Frank Chalmers, was a holographic simulation of a mob gangster character in the Vic Fontaine holoprogram. Frankie Eyes grew up with Vic, who would mercilessly beat Frankie at street stickball; Frankie never forgave Vic for this. Frankie, financed by mob godfather Carl Zeemo, bought the hotel and casino hosting Vic's lounge act, firing Vic and replacing him with burlesque dancers contorting to sounds of the Blues.

Eager to run Vic out of town, Frankie (along with mob enforcer Tony Cicci) beat up Vic, bruising three ribs and spraining Vic's wrist. However, Frankie soon became distracted by Kira, playing the decoy. She succeeded in occupying his attention enough so that Frankie was totally unaware of the heist which occurred in his own casino; he was robbed of his casino earnings, as well as Mr. Zeemo's "skim" money. Lacking this money, Frankie and Mr. Cicci were last seen being escorted bruskly from the casino by Mr. Zeemo's own enforcers.

The Frankie Eyes character was created by Felix, the creator of the Vic Fontaine program. Part of a jack-in-the-box subroutine, the character self-terminated when the subroutine was defeated by Vic and company. Although described as being period-specific, Frankie Eyes was (unlike Vic) not a self-aware program. (DS9: "Badda-Bing, Badda-Bang")

Frankie Eyes was played by Robert Miano.
He was described in the script as "a beefy-looking hard case". [1]

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