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Frank Collison (born 14 February 1950; age 71) is the actor who played Gul Dolak in the Star Trek: The Next Generation fifth season episode "Ensign Ro". He filmed his scenes for this episode on Friday 2 August 1991 on Paramount Stage 16.

A make up continuity photo from the make up department was later used as an image of Dolak for the wanted poster in Odo's security office aboard Deep Space 9 in several episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine such as "Vortex", "If Wishes Were Horses", "The Forsaken", "Dramatis Personae", "Duet", "In the Hands of the Prophets", "Sanctuary", and "Crossfire".

Collison is probably best known for his role as Horace Bing in the drama series Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. Collison portrayed Bing between 1993 and 1997 and appeared alongside Star Trek regular and recurring actors Joe Lando, Chad Allen, Erika Flores, Helene Udy, Barbara Babcock, Gail Strickland, Jason Leland Adams, Nick Ramus, Elinor Donahue, Georgann Johnson, Michelle Bonilla, and Patrick Kilpatrick.

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The Blob (1988, with Beau Billingslea)

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