Frank Darwin was a Human male crewman who served aboard the USS Voyager during the late-24th century. Prior to his assignment, he was recommended to be an officer candidate by his training instructor, but instead he chose to serve aboard Voyager as an engineer. He left behind three sisters on Earth.

Darwin was murdered in 2372 by a Betazoid named Lon Suder, a former member of the Maquis. Suder had no real motive in killing Darwin as he had no relationship with him, a fact that investigator Tuvok found difficult to accept.

At first glance, there was no motive for his death. Darwin didn't have any known enemies on board Voyager.

The Doctor placed his time of death at 22:14. Ninety-eight percent of Darwin's body had suffered third-degree plasma burns. If the circuit hadn't failed in EPS conduit 141, he would have been vaporized. The contusion on Darwin's head was the result of a hard blow to the back of the skull. Tuvok thought he fell and hit his head on the conduit, but the coup-contrecoup pattern of breakage indicated a moving object hitting a stationary head. This finding caused The Doctor to conclude that Darwin was murdered. Later, The Doctor found traces of Suder's DNA on the body.

Suder used a two kilo coil spanner. Darwin was sitting at the impulse system control panel when Suder approached him from behind and swung the spanner as hard as he could. Suder used the EPS conduit to dispose of the body but damaged one of the circuits. Suder claimed he murdered Darwin because he didn't like the way he looked at him. (VOY: "Meld")

The corpse of Darwin was played by Carl David as an uncredited non-speaking actor.

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