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Frank Kopyc (born 6 August 1948; age 71) is the actor who played the Bolian aide in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine fifth season episode "Let He Who Is Without Sin...".

Primarily a stage actor, Kopyc is the best friend of DS9 co-star Armin Shimerman, who reportedly based his characterization of Quark on Kopyc. Besides DS9, the two of them also co-starred together in the 1998 film Looking for Lola (Kopyc played a waiter, Shimerman a maitre'd).

Kopyc also had a small role in the 1990 science fiction blockbuster Total Recall. Co-starring in this film were fellow Star Trek actors Marc Alaimo, Roy Brocksmith, Robert Costanzo, Ronny Cox, Mel Johnson, Jr., and the voice of Robert Picardo.

His other film credits include the 1991 action-thriller The Last Boy Scout (with Noble Willingham, Bruce McGill, and Frank Collison), the 1991 remake of Father of the Bride, 1996's Dunston Checks In (starring Jason Alexander and featuring Paula Malcomson), and 2000's Forever Lulu (with Michael J. Pollard).

Besides DS9, his other television work includes appearances on such programs as Who's the Boss?, 3rd Rock from the Sun, and The West Wing.

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