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Frank Popovich is a mold and prop maker, makeup artist and professional magician who worked as Mold and Prop Assistant on Star Trek: The Next Generation. Also known as "Black Fox", he is a performing member of the Academy of Magical Arts, Hollywood, The Magic Castle and the International Brotherhood of Magicians.

Popovich worked as makeup department head on the film The Laughing Buddha and on a music video for Rick L. Rick. He was a makeup artist on the horror comedy Blood Diner (1987) and worked in the art department of the comedy He's My Girl (1987, directed by Gabrielle Beaumont), the horror sequel Phantasm II (1988, with Joseph Musso), the horror comedy Saturday the 14th Strikes Back (1988, with Ray Walston, Michael Berryman, Joseph Ruskin, and Rhonda Aldrich), and the science fiction film DeepStar Six (1989, starring Miguel Ferrer and Matt McCoy).

As of 2016 he was arrested and charged for the murder of James Clark in big bear lake, California. Clark was a business associate who produced art for Popovich's local shop, Black Fox trading post. Popovich shot Clark in the chest following a dispute over money. On 3 November 2017 Popovich was convicted of first degree murder and began awaiting sentencing. [1]

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