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The Franklin Mint, an American company founded in 1964 in Wawa, Pennsylvania by Joseph Segel, markets an extensive array of collectibles based on a wide variety of subjects and licensed properties.

Following a series of changes in ownership over the decades, the company's remaining assets were most recently acquired by Retail Ecommerce Ventures (REV), a US holding company, in July 2020.

Star Trek releases[]

Franklin Mint Star Trek starship prototypes

Urethane, balsa wood, and pewter prototypes

Over a number of years, The Franklin Mint produced a large quantity of licensed Star Trek products, including collectible plates, pewter figures, dioramas, tankards, clocks, belt buckles, jewelry, ceramic mugs, coins, games, and starship miniatures.

Limited edition starships[]

  • The Starship Enterprise 25th Anniversary Edition – USS Enterprise with painted exterior and opening bridge; 1991
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation USS EnterpriseUSS Enterprise-D with painted exterior and opening bridge; 1995
  • USS Enterprise NCC-1701 The Bronze Collector's Edition – USS Enterprise limited edition artwork signed by Matt Jefferies; 1996
  • The Starship Enterprise Gold Millennium Edition – USS Enterprise limited edition of 2247 with gold-plated exterior; 1999

Limited edition pewter starships[]

Solid Sterling Silver Starships Collection[]


Starship commissioning plaques[]

Classic Episode Dioramas[]

Official Collector's Pocket Watches[]

Accessories include a chain, hang tag, and leather pouch:

Armor Of The Galaxy Collection[]


  • Armor Of The Borg – Bust of Borg armor
  • Armor Of The Cardassian – Bust of Cardassian armor
  • Armor Of The Hunter – Bust of Hunter armor
  • Armor Of The Jem'hadar – Bust of Jem'Hadar armor
  • Armor Of The Klingon – Bust of Klingon armor
  • Armor Of The Romulan – Bust of Romulan armor


Star Trek Insignia Collection[]

Collection 1[]


Collection 2[]


Limited edition dioramas[]

Official Intergalactic Commemorative Coin Collection[]


Galaxy Globes[]

Other Star Trek items[]

  • Beyond The Final Frontier – lithograph (limited edition of 950); 1996
  • Crystal and Porcelain USS Enterprise
  • Crystal USS Enterprise
  • Encounter At Farpoint plate – engraved pewter plate; 1997
  • Official Klingon D'k tahg Crystal Edition – Klingon D'k tahg knife replica with display case; 1996
  • Star Trek Phaser – TOS-era Type 2 phaser pistol replica; 1996
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation Klingon Disruptor – TNG-era Klingon disruptor replica; 1996
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation Phaser – TNG-era Type 2 phaser; 1996
  • USS Enterprise Captain's Lamp

Background information[]

Interactions with Star Trek productions[]

In the episode "Peak Performance", Michael Dorn's Worf character kept a metallic model of a D7-class Klingon battle cruiser in his quarters. This model was used again as a background prop in Drafting Room 5 on Mars Station in the "Booby Trap" episode. The model was actually an unmodified nine-inch 1989 evaluation prototype from The Franklin Mint's pewter Star Trek starships line.

Wil Wheaton's Wesley Crusher character kept a metallic model of a Constitution-class vessel in his room at the Starfleet Academy campus in "The First Duty". This model was actually an unmodified ten-inch pewter USS Enterprise model (#810) released by The Franklin Mint in 1988.

In "The Visitor", Tony Todd portrayed an elderly Jake Sisko who existed in alternate reality's mid-25th century. A Franklin Mint Deep Space 9 model can be seen as a set decoration in the living room of Jake's Louisiana home.

The Franklin Mint's "Zefram Cochrane's Phoenix" pewter replica was utilized in three episodes as display models seen in Admiral Maxwell Forrest's office. The Phoenix also appeared as one of Travis Mayweather's childhood models which were kept aboard the ECS Horizon.

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