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Fred Bronson (born 10 January 1949; age 72) is a script writer who also used John Culver as a pseudonym.

In 1974, Bronson wrote the Star Trek: The Animated Series second season episode "The Counter-Clock Incident" using his pseudonym, John Culver. At the time, Bronson was the NBC publicist assigned to the series. A year earlier, he had been the publicist on Gene Roddenberry's The Questor Tapes. Bronson had been told that as an NBC employee he was allowed to write for NBC series, but when he asked permission to write an episode of TAS was told it was a conflict of interest. Thus, he created his pseudonym, named for Culver City, California, where he grew up.

Bronson introduced Susan Sackett to Roddenberry – and in 1974, she was hired as Roddenberry's personal executive assistant.

He co-wrote two episodes for Star Trek: The Next Generation with writing partner Susan Sackett: the third season's "Ménage à Troi" and the story for the fifth season's "The Game".

Bronson also appeared as an Enterprise crewmember in the rec deck scene in Star Trek: The Motion Picture. The 2009 DVD box release Star Trek: Original Motion Picture Collection featured a reunion of fan extras in the "Special Star Trek Reunion", including Bronson, David Gerrold, Bjo Trimble, Jo Ann Nolan, and Christopher Doohan chatting on the same soundstage used for the rec deck scene. [1] Bronson was additionally interviewed in 1996, by Starburst magazine (Special #29, pp. 55-58).

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