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Fred Dekker (born 9 April 1959; age 60) was the consulting producer during the majority of Star Trek: Enterprise's first season. He also co-wrote the story and wrote the teleplay for the first season episodes "The Andorian Incident" and "Vox Sola", and wrote "Sleeping Dogs". In addition, F. Decker on the Enterprise NX-01 dedication plaque was named after him.

Dekker previously wrote the story for the 1986 horror film House, which featured Star Trek actors Michael Ensign and Steve Susskind. He went on to write and direct the films Night of the Creeps (1986, with Todd Bryant and Dick Miller), The Monster Squad (1987, with Duncan Regehr and Stephen Macht), and RoboCop 3 (1993, with Robert DoQui, Stephen Root, and Lee Arenberg). He also wrote the story for 1991's Ricochet, featuring Sherman Howard and Tim de Zarn.

Dekker also wrote and directed episodes of the television series Tales from the Crypt.

Dekker was replaced as consulting producer of Star Trek: Enterprise by David A. Goodman for the show's second season.

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