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"Future Imperiled" is the sixth and final Star Trek: The Next Generation Annual, and the second part of the Convergence storyline. Published by DC Comics, it was first released in February 1996.

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Chancellor of the Klingon High Council.



In the alternate timeline caused by Devidian manipulation, Deanna Troi is seriously injured in a clash with the Romulans. The incident causes the rekindling of the relationship between Troi and Riker.
In the alternate timeline, the Romulans are on the verge of overrunning the Federation, with defeat being prevented only by the alliance with the Klingons. The Devidians abduct Gowron from this time to further isolate the Federation.

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#5: "Brother's Keeper" DC TNG volume 2
TNG Annual
Final issue in series
"Split Infinities" Convergence
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