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GE Fabbri Publishing, Ltd. was an English, United Kingdom-based, publishing house, that produced during the 1990s specialized (partwork) magazines of several US and UK television and movie properties, including Star Trek, of which the various 007 aka James Bond collections were the best known to the general public.

The company, holding offices in central London, was founded in 1986 as GE Publishing by three partners, Liz Glaze, Peter Edwards, and Phil Costick, before entering into a joint venture in 1990 with Italian publishing company Fabbri Publishing (formerly known as Fratelli Fabbri Editori, founded in 1947, and they themselves held by publishing giant Rizzoli Corriere della Sera (RCS), in the process becoming GE Fabbri Publishing, Ltd..

The Star Trek licenseEdit

GE Fabbri, by 1996 acquired by British holding company Midsummer Books Ltd, [1](X) was responsible for the inception and launch of Star Trek Fact Files (1997-2002, 304 issues) and its American derivative version, Star Trek: The Magazine (1999-2003, 48 issues under their subsidiary Fabbri Publishing (US) imprint). Editor Ben Robinson was one of the two initiators of the Fact Files. The company also produced the spin-off DVD/magazine partwork publications Star Trek: The Collector's Edition (2004-2006, 70 issues), and the subsequent, Star Trek: The Original Series - The Collector's Edition (2007-2008, 28 issues). Incidentally, and rather ironically in the first case, the Italian and Japanese-language versions of the Fact Files, and their derivative follow-up publications were not published by original partner company Fabbri, but rather by competitor De Agostini, publisher of the similarly conceived The Official Star Wars Fact File (2001-2005, 141 issues). The French-language versions of these publications were outsourced by Fabbri to Data Base Factory.

In 2011, GE Fabbri merged with fellow magazine publisher Eaglemoss, another notable part-work publisher, to form Eaglemoss Collections, though the copy rights of the previous Star Trek productions were retained by Midsummer Books, which itself was closed down when its proprietor Stan Morse retired around 2012. [2] [3]

Star Trek staffEdit

  • Chris Dows – staff writer
  • Rob Garrard – CGI artist
  • Peter Griffiths – staff writer
  • Tim Leng – editor, writer, photo compositor
  • Ben Robinson – editor, writer
  • Marcus Riley – editor, writer
  • Martin Ritchie – editor, designer

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