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Gabriel Damon (born 23 April 1976; age 45) is an actor who, at the age of thirteen, played Jeremy Aster in the Star Trek: The Next Generation third season episode "The Bonding".

Damon, who was born in Reno, Nevada, began his career when he was cast in the television series Call to Glory in 1984, at the age of eight. The series only lasted one season, but Damon continued receiving television roles throughout the 1980s. He appeared in a two-part episode of Punky Brewster in 1985, along with Rosana DeSoto, and also guest-starred in episodes of Webster (with Chad Allen, Eugene Roche, and Ben Vereen), Amazing Stories (with Ray Walston), the soap opera General Hospital (with James Horan, Stan Ivar, Penny Johnson, Jason Marsden, and Paul Rossilli), Our House (with Anne Haney and David Huddleston), and Who's the Boss? (with James B. Sikking). He also co-starred with Paul Comi, John Larroquette, and Bert Remsen in the 1986 television movie Convicted and even became the star of two more short-lived series: One Big Family in 1986 and Just Like Family in 1989.

In 1988, Damon became the original voice for the character of Littlefoot in the popular animated film The Land Before Time, with fellow TNG guest star Bill Erwin voicing Littlefoot's grandfather. That same year, Damon voiced the title character in Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland; also lending their voices to this film were Rene Auberjonois, Michael Bell, and Alan Oppenheimer.

Damon made a few live-action film appearances. He played Mel Gibson's son in the 1988 thriller Tequila Sunrise. He later starred opposite Peter Weller, John Glover, Robert DoQui, Roger Aaron Brown, Mark Rolston, Jeff McCarthy, Phil Rubenstein, Galyn Görg, and Bill Bolender in 1990's science fiction sequel RoboCop 2 and had a supporting role in 1992's Newsies along with Marc Lawrence and Kevin Tighe.

In more recent years, Damon has made appearances on ER (with Kirsten Dunst) and Baywatch and has starred in the low budget independent feature Planet Ibsen (2005, with Clint Howard).

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