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Gabriel "Gabe" Charles Koerner (born 14 June 1982; age 38) is a digital artist. He became known among Trekkers when he was featured in the 1997 documentary Trekkies. While employed at Eden FX, Koerner later worked on Star Trek: Enterprise in the final season. The Galaxy-class CGI model from the series' finale, "These Are the Voyages...", was created by Koerner.

After appearing in Trekkies, Koerner achieved a minor celebrity status. He appeared as "The Star Trek Geek" in fifteen episodes of the short-lived Comedy Central game show Beat the Geeks. He also guest-starred as the character "Frank" in two episodes of The Drew Carey Show. The first of these was the annual April Fool's Day episode for 2001, which included many Star Trek and sci-fi references and jokes. Among the jokes were a Trek-style doorway in the office, Lewis mentioning a girl at a sci-fi convention that weighed under 200 pounds, and Frank referring to his house as "the Babylon 2 station." Koerner returned for his second appearance, later that year, when Lewis and Oswald (Diedrich Bader) built a killer robot to compete in a Battlebots-style competition. Frank's robot was victorious after Lewis and Oswald's self-destructs.

Koerner's story was followed up in 2005's Trekkies 2. He was also lead visual effects artist for that film, creating the entire opening animation sequence. He was credited as a research consultant on this film, as well. He has also appeared in the fan film Star Trek: Hidden Frontier, playing the role of Captain Jillson. In 2013 he joined the creative staff of the fan series Star Trek Continues as a digital visual effects artist. Notable contributions he made for that series were his CGI co-builds with Doug Drexler of an Orion and a Tellarite ship, which were based on Star Trek: The Original Series era designs of Matt Jefferies, for the second episode "Lolani".

Career outside Star Trek

After his spell at Eden FX, Koerner's career as a digital artist took off when he worked as such on films like The Day After Tomorrow (2004), Serenity (2005), Superman Returns (2006, directed by Bryan Singer), and Speed Racer (2008, featuring music by Michael Giacchino). He was also a digital artist on the hit television series Alias and Lost, both created by J.J. Abrams. Koerner's work as a digital modeler on the Ronald D. Moore-produced series Battlestar Galactica earned him and his fellow visual effects team members an Emmy Award nomination in 2005.

Koerner often spells his name with an umlaut over the 'o', so that his name is written Gabriel Köerner.

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