"I want it recorded for all time that I, alone, am responsible for the fate that befell us. I have failed – as a captain. And as the man responsible for all the souls aboard my ship."
– Galek Sar, 14th century ("Booby Trap")

Captain Galek Sar was the 14th century Promellian commanding officer of the Promellian battle cruiser, Cleponji.

During the Battle of Orelious IX, Sar and his crew became trapped in a field of Aceton assimilators laid by the Menthar, where his vessel was rendered powerless. Sar accepted responsibility for his defeat in his final log, commending his crew for their bravery. They died together at their posts from the radiation poisoning.

Sar's ship would be discovered a millennium later by the crew of the USS Enterprise-D. Upon succumbing to the effects of the Aceton assimilators themselves, the Enterprise-D crew used Sar's logs to better understand their situation. (TNG: "Booby Trap")

Galek Sar was played by actor Albert Hall.
The script spelled the character's name as noted here, which was how Hall pronounced it. However, the end credits misspelled it as Galek "Dar".
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