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Run time: 16 minutes
Director: Adam Schneider
Release date: 24 April 2013 (YouTube)
Language: English

Galileo Restoration Project was a sixteen minute long documentary, produced and released by the The Galileo Restoration foundation of noted Star Trek memorabilia collectors Adam Schneider and Alec Peters. As a foundation to generate awareness for the restoration of the full scale exterior Galileo mock-up, the video could have been considered part of a series of videos, the foundation released on YouTube to keep interested parties and fans appraised of the restoration progress, were it not that this particular outing was produced to far more professional standards. Were the other video releases reminiscent of private video shoots, this one featured a professionally-made intro, voice-over, and editing, the likes of which one might find on any of the official home media releases.

Starting with an general intro, followed by a recollection of a Star Trek memorabilia collector, the vast majority of the documentary is taken up by Gene Winfield, who talks in depth about his build of the full scale Galileo mock-up.

The documentary was posted on YouTube by the foundation's web-master, Schneider, on 24 April 2013.


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