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The Gallitep labor camp.

Gallitep survivors

Shrouded survivors of Gallitep.

Gallitep was a forced labor camp on the planet Bajor that was run by Gul Darhe'el during the Cardassian Occupation of Bajor. Conditions in the camp were considered to be brutal and hostile. Among those who worked there was Aamin Marritza, a file clerk.

Darhe'el was one of the most brutal overseers of any labor camp on Bajor. Innocent Bajorans were executed on a regular basis, but not before they were tortured and humiliated. Mothers were raped in front of their children as their husbands were beaten beyond recognition, and the elderly who were unable to work were buried alive. In many cases, Bajorans were forced to dig their own graves -- literally. As his reign of terror continued, Darhe'el's hatred of the Bajorans and his zealous view that his actions were justified in the name of the Cardassian Empire led to outright genocide. On more than one occasion, he gave his men very simple orders: to kill Bajoran scum. When they returned, they were covered in blood, but in his eyes they were clean.

A mining accident at Gallitep caused toxic gases to be released, resulting in Kalla-Nohra Syndrome, a unique condition identifiable by the damage to the respiratory system and other areas of the body. As Darhe'el was on Cardassia Prime at the time, he was unaffected, but Bajorans and Cardassians alike who were present at the time became terminally ill.

The camp was liberated by the Shakaar Resistance Cell (of which Kira Nerys was a part) in 2357. The Bajoran survivors became a symbol of strength and courage to the rest of the Bajoran people. (DS9: "Duet", "Shakaar")

Marritza, posing as Darhe'el, says that he was enraged during the evacuation of Bajor, and ordered his overseers to begin slaughtering all the Bajorans in the camp. This would imply that the camp was re-opened later by the Cardassians, although this has never been stated on screen.
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