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Through a licensing process similar to the publishing licenses granted to create comics, novels, and collectibles, Paramount Pictures has granted the rights to market Star Trek games of various sorts through a number of different production and design companies.

Originally, some Star Trek: The Original Series games were based on the publishing license begun for Franz Joseph's designs in the 1970s. With the transition of ownership when the franchise became the property of Paramount, and the later success of the Star Trek movies and Star Trek: The Next Generation, a licensing office associated with the productions took stricter control of the franchise's image. Designers of Star Trek merchandise were discouraged from creating spinoffs and depictions that varied from the style and details of the franchise as seen in filmed productions. One of the oldest games, Star Fleet Battles, was allowed to continue as a licensee, but without "Star Trek" in its name. This game was forbidden to mention the Enterprise in relation to Captain James T. Kirk, Spock, or any of the televised characters; however, it was granted rights to use all situations and vessels described in Franz Joseph's Star Trek Star Fleet Technical Manual and certain TAS and TOS episodes (including the Kzinti). Games are produced by artists and designers not affiliated with franchise production staff, and filmed productions usually disregard events and situations in them as apocryphal, although some designs and references have been added in every one of the various Star Trek series and spinoffs.

Board and video games based on Star Trek are not exclusively licensed; several different companies have released many different types of games. Actors who exclusively played roles in these productions are listed in the articles for the games themselves.

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The games listed in this section combine elements from several of the series and movies.

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"Whole Timeline" refers to all series at the point of production.

Game Platform Released Era
25th Anniversary (PC/NES/Game Boy) MS-DOS MacOS Amiga NES GameBoy 1992 (PC), 1993 (Mac), 1994 (Amiga) Original Series
Armada Windows 2000 Next Generation Movies
Armada II Windows 2001 Next Generation Movies
Away Team Windows 2001 Next Generation Movies
The Next Generation - Birth of the Federation Windows 1999 Next Generation Series
Borg Windows MacOS 1996 Next Generation Series
Borg Assimilator Windows Unreleased (announced 2001) Next Generation Movies
Bridge Commander Windows 2002 Next Generation Movies
Bridge Crew Oculus icon Vive icon PSVR 2017 Post-Star Trek
Conquest PS2 Wii 2007 Next Generation Movies
ConQuest Online Windows 2000 Next Generation Series
D-A-C Xbox 360 PS3 Windows XP MacOSX 2009 Star Trek
Deep Space Nine - Crossroads of Time SNES Sega Genesis 1995 Deep Space Nine
Deep Space Nine - Dominion Wars Windows 2001 Deep Space Nine
Star Trek: The Next Generation - Echoes from the Past Sega Genesis 1994 Next Generation Series
Voyager - Elite Force Windows MacOS PS2 2000 Voyager
Voyager - Elite Force expansion pack Windows MacOS 2001 Voyager
Elite Force II Windows MacOSX 2003 Next Generation Movies
Encounters PS2 2006 Next Generation Movies
Deep Space Nine - The Fallen Windows MacOS 2000 Deep Space Nine
Star Trek V: The Final Frontier MS-DOS 1989 Original Series movies
The Final Frontier NES Unreleased Original Series movies
The Next Generation - A Final Unity MS-DOS MacOS 1995 Next Generation Series
First Contact MS-DOS Apple 1988 Original Series
First Contact Windows Unreleased (announced 1996) Next Generation Movies
The Next Generation - Future's Past SNES 1993 Next Generation Series
The Game Show Windows MacOS 1998 Next Generation
Generations Windows 1997 Next Generation Movies
Generations: Beyond the Nexus GameBoy Sega GameGear 1994 Next Generation Movies
Deep Space Nine - Harbinger MS-DOS MacOS 1996 Deep Space Nine
Hidden Evil Windows 1999 Next Generation
Deep Space Nine - The Hunt MS-DOS MacOS Unreleased (mid-1990s) Deep Space Nine
Invasion PS1 2000 Next Generation Movies
Judgment Rites MS-DOS MacOS 1993 Original Series
Klingon Windows MacOS 1996 Next Generation Series
Klingon Academy Windows 2000 Original Series Movies
The Next Generation - Klingon Honor Guard Windows MacOS 1998 Next Generation Series
The Kobayashi Alternative Commodore 64 MS-DOS Apple MacOS 1985 Original Series
Star Trek: Legacy Windows XP Xbox 360 2006 Whole Timeline
The Motion Picture Vectrex 1982 Original Series Movies
New Worlds Windows 2000 Original Series Movies
Star Trek Windows XP Xbox 360 PS3 2013 Post-Star Trek
Star Trek: The Next Generation NES GameBoy Sega GameGear 1993 Next Generation Series
Star Trek Online Windows XP Xbox One PS4 2010 Post-Star Trek Nemesis
Star Trek Pinball MS-DOS 1997 Original Series
The Promethean Prophecy MS-DOS Commodore 64 Apple 1986 Original Series
Voyager - Retribution Windows Unreleased (1997) Voyager
The Rebel Universe MS-DOS Commodore 64 Atari ST 1987, 1988 (PC) Original Series
Secret of Vulcan Fury Windows Unreleased (1999) Original Series
The Search for Spock Atari 2600 Atari 5200 Unreleased Original Series Movies
Shattered Universe PS2 Xbox 2004 Original Series Movies
Starfleet Academy Windows MacOS 1997 Original Series Movies
Starfleet Academy - Chekov's Lost Missions (add on) Windows 1998 Original Series Movies
Starfleet Academy Starship Bridge Simulator SNES Sega 32X 1994 (Super Nintendo), 1995 (Sega 32X) Original Series Movies
Starfleet Command Windows 1999 Original Series Movies
Starfleet Command II - Empires at War Windows 2000 Original Series Movies
Starfleet Command - Orion Pirates Windows 2001 Original Series Movies
Starfleet Command III Windows 2002 Whole Timeline
Starship Creator Windows MacOS 1998 Whole Timeline
Starship Creator Deluxe (add on) Windows MacOS 1998 Whole Timeline
Starship Creator Warp II Windows MacOS 2000 Whole Timeline
Star Trek: The Next Generation - Stranded Sky Active 2005 Next Generation Series
Tactical Assault PSP Nintendo DS 2006 Original Series Movies
The Next Generation - The Transinium Challenge MS-DOS 1989 Next Generation Series
Trivia Challenge Windows 1986 Whole Timeline
The Next Generation - A World for all Seasons 3do Unreleased (announced 1994) Next Generation Series
The Wrath of Khan Atari 2600 Unreleased Original Series Movies
The Original Series - Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Special Edition PS3 Xbox 360 Windows XP 2012 Original Series
Star Trek Alien Domain: Incursion Browsers 2018 Voyager

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