Gamma Trianguli VI pod plant

The Gamma Trianguli VI pod plant

The Gamma Trianguli VI pod plant was a plant native to the planet Gamma Trianguli VI. The plant has a long, rigid stem growing roughly three or four feet tall with several leaves, and capped by a small pod of purplish flower petals and a group of yellow thorns within its center. The plant is capable of limited movement, as it was shown to react to humanoid life in its immediate vicinity. The plant will turn its pod toward its intended target, and fire a group of the thorns using a small chemical or pneumatic explosion. The thorns are tipped with a saponin-type poison, and can be lethal without immediate medical treatment.

It is not fully known what function the plants' thorns serve. The plant may be another form of carnivorous life, feeding on animal lifeforms that succumb to its thorns, or it may be a form of defense mechanism for the planet itself, under control of the ruling computer Vaal.

In 2267, a landing party from the USS Enterprise lost crewmember Hendorff to a pod plant, and nearly lost Spock as well. Fortunately, Spock responded well to a dose of masiform-D from Dr. McCoy, and made a full recovery. (TOS: "The Apple")

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