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For the Delta Quadrant location, please see Gammadan Mining Facility.

Ganmadan was what ancestral Romulans called the Day of Annihilation, an event in which all life everywhere would be destroyed. The story of Ganmadan shared a common theme with the Human stories of Ragnarok and the Judgment Day and, like those stories, was an ancient myth. However, some Romulans, including Narek, believed the story was not a prophecy. He believed it was history and that it could happen again.

The story began in the distant past, with some Romulans believing it occurred before their ancestors arrived at Vulcan, with a pair of khalagu, the twin sisters Seb-Cheneb and Seb-Natan. After the death of Seb-Natan from a burst heart while playing her drum, Seb-Cheneb blew the horn of a pale Ganmadan, summoning the ch'khalagus who brought about the Thousand Days of Pain.

In 2399, Doctor Soji Asha watched a recording of Professor Ramdha being asked about Ganmadan on the talk show Yrrh Mnrrh. (PIC: "Absolute Candor") Later that year, while sitting around a campfire on Coppelius, Narek narrated a abbreviated version of the story to Cristóbal Rios, Raffaela Musiker, and Elnor. (PIC: "Et in Arcadia Ego, Part 2")

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