Gar was a Dralian con artist, who went from system to system stealing from innocent people.

A criminal of some talent, in 2377, Gar had an affair with a married woman, who talked her husband into introducing him to a trader on Velos named Kipp. He obtained 3,000 induction units from Kipp, but never paid for them. He then sold the units to a Telsian asteroid miner, stealing 20,000 kilograms of iridium ore in the process.

Gar traded the iridium to the USS Voyager, and during his time aboard he claimed he had food poisoning and spent the night in sickbay. There he stole the mobile emitter and replaced The Doctor with a primitive facsimile from an EMH training file, which was not discovered until after he was gone. He then sold The Doctor to Administrator Chellick of the Dinaali Hospital Ship 4-2.

After following the warp trail of Gar's ship proved fruitless, the USS Voyager crew tracked his activities backwards through the people he cheated, until they learned that he was headed to a gambling tournament on Selek IV. Voyager captured him en route, and Neelix "persuaded" him to divulge the whereabouts of The Doctor by feeding him food poisoned with Talaxian wormroot, which caused abdominal pains that Neelix claimed would worsen over thirty to forty hours. (VOY: "Critical Care")

Gar was played by John Kassir.
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