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Gary Buckner is an actor who appeared as an alien slave miner in the Star Trek: Enterprise third season episode "The Xindi". He received no credit for this appearance but is listed on the call sheet for the day of filming as a "miner with prosthetics".

Buckner also appeared in episodes of Unsolved Mysteries (1989), Married with Children (1995, with Michael Rothhaar), and Funny or Die Presents (2011, with Bill Hader), in the horror thriller Pathology (2008, with John de Lancie, Larry Drake, and Sam Witwer), and in the drama Changeling (2008, with Ric Sarabia, Colby French, Scott Leva, Mary Stein, Andre Alexsen, Scott Pierce, Michael Lovern, and Patrizia Milano).

Between 2014 and 2017, he appeared as Gary "Ghostman" Golstman in 17 episodes of the comedy series Workaholics.

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