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Garret C. Maynard (born 1960) is a filmmaker who worked between 1988 and 1991 as Special Effects Technician for Image "G" on the second, third, and fourth season of Star Trek: The Next Generation. [1]

Maynard worked on Star Trek in Los Angeles following his graduation but left L.A. a few years later to work on his own films, teach screenwriting and film appreciation and work as a literary agent for script writers. In 1987, Maynard worked as double for actor James Wilder on the horror comedy Zombie High, starring Virginia Madsen and with Richard Cox and Kay E. Kuter, special makeup effects by R. Christopher Biggs, and sound editing by Daren Dochterman.

Following his move, Maynard focused on filmmaking and worked as cinematographer on the television documentary Mystic Voices: The Story of the Pequot War (2004). In 2007 he released the adventure Film Camp for which he wrote the screenplay and worked on as director, cinematographer and editor. The film earned him a Gold Remi Award from the Houston International Film Festival. Further projects include The Ranchers, Between Heaven and Earth, and Black Elk: An American Prophet. [2]

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