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Gavan O'Herlihy (born 29 April 1954 in Dublin, Ireland) played Jabin, the Kazon First Maje in the Star Trek: Voyager pilot episode "Caretaker".

Gavan is the son of the late veteran actor Dan O'Herlihy and the nephew of TOS director Michael O'Herlihy. He is best known for his television role as Chuck Cunningham in the hit series Happy Days, though his character didn't last very long; he was written off as being sent to college.

Appearing in over thirty films, Gavan is known for his film role as Brad Wilson, the arch-nemesis of Clark Kent at Smallville High School, in Superman III (1983, with Barry Dennen); other films include A Wedding (1978, with Dennis Christopher, Paul Dooley, Robert Fortier, and Bert Remsen), Space Riders (1984, with Marina Sirtis), Death Wish 3 (1985, with Ed Lauter and Marina Sirtis), Willow (1988), Saving Grace (1996, with Stephanie Beacham), and Prince Valiant (1997, with Walter Gotell, Zach Galligan, and Ron Perlman).

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