Gedrin was a Vaadwaur and the husband of Jisa. In the 15th century, they lived in the old quarter of a city. Their home had a garden overlooking the street below. He was a soldier in a battalion.

In the Earth year 1484, his battalion and their families, approximately six hundred Vaadwaur, went into stasis on their homeworld after an attack by their enemies, including the Turei. He was frozen in stasis until awakened by the crew of USS Voyager. Upon being revived, Gedrin asked the Voyager crew to also revive his wife, but she had died as her stasis pod had suffered damage.

Gedrin informed Captain Kathryn Janeway that the subspace corridors which Voyager had been using were initially discovered and mapped by the Vaadwaur. Their enemies, the Turei, had attacked the Vaadwaur in order to control the corridors, and that he and the surviving members of his race had frozen themselves in stasis in order to preserve their culture. They intended to awaken after five years to begin searching for a new home, but the stasis controls were damaged during the Turei attack and the Vaadwaur survivors spent 892 years in stasis. Janeway promised to help Gedrin and the remaining survivors escape the Turei.

Once the rest of the Vaadwaur were awakened, it became apparent that the Vaadwaur were a warrior race bent on conquest. They planned to seize Voyager and use it to conquer the surrounding systems, recognizing that their own technology was now too primitive to effectively stand against the races of the present. When their ships attacked Voyager, Gedrin – who had come to sympathize with Voyager and their perception of his people's former ways – was able to take them off-line, but at the cost of his life. (VOY: "Dragon's Teeth")

Gedrin was played by actor Jeff Allin.

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