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Gelatin was a form of animal collagen that was used as an emulsifier in various food and drugs.

In 2152, Travis Mayweather called Hoshi Sato down to decon, following a return from an away mission, claiming to have brought back with him some kind of gelatinous lifeform. Mayweather told Sato that it might be sentient, and that the Captain needed her to figure out how to communicate with it. Soon after, Sato discovered that Mayweather had played a practical joke on her, as the "lifeform" was actually strawberry gelatin. She promised to get him back for the prank. Following Mayweather's apparent death of isolytic shock at the automated repair station, she expressed her wish that his death was also a joke, and regretted her earlier vow of revenge. (ENT: "Dead Stop")

In 2266, James T. Kirk replaced Harry Mudd's Venus drug with a colored gelatin capsule. The placebo capsule was later taken by Eve McHuron, who believed that the drug was real, only to be proved by Kirk that it was not, stating "you either believe in yourself, or you don't." (TOS: "Mudd's Women")

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