Gemini 8 was an early manned mission. This mission was part of NASA's Gemini program. This program was sandwiched between the earlier Mercury and later Apollo programs of manned space flight. One of the milestones of this program was achieved by Gemini 8 on March 16, 1966.

Crewed by Neil Armstrong and David Scott, this spacecraft successfully docked with the unmanned Agena target vehicle (ATV). It was the first time in Human history that two spacecraft had successfully completed this maneuver. The astronauts created a photographic record of this event. One of these photographs captured the moment before the two spacecraft docked. The photo taken from the starboard window showed the black nose of the capsule and the docking ring of the ATV. Both astronauts would later serve in the Apollo program.

In 2267, a copy of this picture was on display in Commodore Stone's office on Starbase 11. It was located to the right of the transporter alcove. (TOS: "Court Martial")

The website was responsible for identifying this spacecraft. For more information on the photo, see here.

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