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A file about Starfleet General Order 7

Starfleet General Order 7 was a directive that forbade contact with the planet Talos IV. It specifically stated, "No vessel under any condition, emergency or otherwise, is to visit Talos IV."

General Order 7 was made part of Starfleet policy following the visit of the USS Enterprise to Talos IV in 2254. The rationale for the order was top secret, known only to Starfleet Command, and could only be revealed to subordinate officers upon a certified direct order issued by a flag officer. A file about the directive was also written and needed to be opened using a specific device.

In 2267, this was the only Starfleet regulation that carried the threat of capital punishment if broken. (TOS: "The Menagerie, Part I")

For the full text of the order, see here.
In the final draft script of "The Menagerie", this directive was instead called General Order 4 and the line of text restricting viewership of the document applied to "Starfleet Staff" rather than "Starfleet Command".
General Order 7 might have been rescinded by 2328, since in that year Talos IV was the destination of several passengers traveling aboard commercial transport ships.

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