The genetronic replicator

The genetronic replicator was a type of DNA-based generator developed by Dr. Toby Russell. This revolutionary medical device could scan the genetic information in a damaged organ, translate that information into a set of instructions for replication, and replicate an entirely new, healthy organ for replacement.

The genetronic replicator was at the experimental stage in 2368, when Dr. Russell brought it to the USS Enterprise-D in hopes of using it to treat a paralyzed Lieutenant Worf. At that point, it had very low success rate of 37% during holographic simulations. Starfleet Medical had three times turned down Russell's request to test it on a humanoid patient, and Dr. Crusher agreed that there was still too little data to risk its use.

She later permitted the surgery after Worf made it clear he would rather die than live paralyzed. The replicator created a new spinal column for Worf, which Crusher and Russell successfully implanted. However, there were complications, and Worf died on the operating table. Fortunately, the redundancies of Klingon anatomy allowed Worf to revive on his own. (TNG: "Ethics")

The Star Trek Customizable Card Game called this device a Genetronic Replicator, presumably derived from its function as a genetic replicator.
This was spelled as both "genetronic" and "gentronic" in the script. [1]

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