Multiple realities
(covers information from several alternate timelines)
For the prime universe counterpart, please see Genghis Khan.

Genghis Khan was a Terran inhabitant of the mirror universe.

Like his counterpart in the prime universe, he was a conqueror of nations. In order to maintain his grip on power, Genghis Khan allowed the subjects he conquered to worship their own gods.

In an alternate timeline experienced by Emperor Philippa Georgiou via the Guardian of Forever, the emperor, in her conversation with her adoptive daughter Michael Burnham, argued that the Terran Empire had to change its policies regarding the treatment of the empire's subjects. They needed something to live for or they would be in constant rebellion against the empire. These rebellions were a threat to the empire's existence. The emperor used the example of Genghis Khan as proof in support of her argument. (DIS: "Terra Firma, Part 2")

This character was only mentioned in dialogue.
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