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George Kashdan (17 May 19283 June 2006; age 78) was an editor and writer of comic books. He worked at DC Comics from the mid-1940s until 1968.

Born in the Bronx, he went to the University of Chicago where he received a BA and moved into an editorial position at DC Comics, working with his brother, Bernard, a member of the business division. He got his start mostly on smaller titles, including Congo Bill and Green Arrow, and had occasional work on issues of Superman and Batman.

Aquaman, a "back-up" comic strip that he had been in charge of became its own comic, and Kashdan was promoted to a full editor position, eventually launching Metamorpho and the Teen Titans comics. During this time, he also wrote scripts for various animated shows, including The Mighty Hercules and The Superman-Aquaman Hour.

As part of a restructuring at DC Comics in 1968, Kashdan was shown the door. He returned to writing full-time, most of the work being done for Western Publishing, including many stories for Gold Key Comics. Books he wrote for included The Twilight Zone, Flash Gordon, and Star Trek.

By the 1980s, his health had started to fail him and his work slowed as he relocated from New York City to Los Angeles.

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