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George Trimmer is a visual effects artist who worked as a model maker on Star Trek: The Motion Picture and for Digital Domain as part of the miniature crew on Star Trek Nemesis.

After receiving his degree in Industrial Design from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, Trimmer began his career in the motion picture industry. He started in special visual effects as a model maker and worked his way into art direction. He also spent three years as an Imagineer at Walt Disney Enterprises. In his thirty years as a designer, Trimmer has worked for the Disney, Paramount, Universal, Fox, Sony, Culver, and Warner Brothers studios. He has also worked with Digital Domain, New Deal Studios, Dreamquest Images, Stetson Visual Services, and Showscan. He has contributed his skills to several movies nominated for Academy and Visual effects awards.

Between entertainment industry projects, Trimmer has done advertising, product, toy, and exhibit design. He served as design director at Giltspur/Phoenix for three years and is now a designer at GES in Las Vegas.

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