George Webb was the main character in a ghost story told by Ensign Travis Mayweather during May, 2151.

While on the planet later known as Archer IV, Sub-Commander T'Pol, Commander Tucker, Ensign Elizabeth Cutler, Mayweather, and crewman Ethan Novakovich had an overnight research mission; although Tucker and Mayweather were along more for the adventure than the research. During the camping trip, Mayweather told the team about the story of George Webb.

According to legend, George Webb was the assistant engineer and a friend of Travis' uncle. Webb's ship found an escape pod drifting in space from "an old Y-500 class freighters", which at that time had been retired for decades. The pod had been drifting in space for 63 years. Upon scanning the pod, there was one bio-sign aboard. George Webb was assigned to open the pod, which took over an hour to open. Webb observed that the metal felt "strange" and "cold to the touch". Prior to opening the hatch, there were reports of a tapping sound coming from within, however when the pod was finally opened it was revealed that the pod was empty.

A couple of days later, Webb started to behave unusually, getting into fights with the crew and muttering an unknown alien language. Webb later locked himself into engineering and overloaded the impulse reactors, nearly destroying the ship. He sealed himself into a lifepod, ejecting into space. Due to the damage, the captain of the ship was unable to give chase and mount a rescue attempt. Webb was never heard from again.

Ensign Mayweather claimed that some people believed that it was an alien lifeform or the ghost of a dead crewman that caused George Webb's insanity. He also claimed that some comm officers said when the subspace noise is "real low" they could hear the beep of his distress call.

T'Pol observed that it was highly unlikely that a distress call could function for 63 years, much to the bemusement of the rest of the team. (ENT: "Strange New World")

This character was only mentioned in dialogue.
Given the nature of the story, it is unsure how much of the information is true, and even if there really ever was a George Webb.
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