Georgia Tandy was a prostitute who lived in Detroit, Michigan, in 2004.

One night in that year, Tandy asked Loomis what she could do for him. She said she knew him from the blood bank clinic, and that he had brought her apple juice.

After she got in his car, Loomis drugged her with a chloroform-covered, white-colored rag and injected her with another sedative. Her unconscious body was delivered by Loomis to Damron, a Xindi-Reptilian, who had come back in time to test a bioweapon on Humans. As such, Tandy was one of six Humans who Loomis provided to the Reptilians for cash.

Each of the six kidnapping victims had a different blood type from those of the others, and all six eventually survived. (ENT: "Carpenter Street")

Tandy was played by actress Donna DuPlantier.
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