You may be looking for property master Gerald B. Moss.

Gerald Moss was the Millennium Gate spokesman during 2000 and 2001.

Moss was working in the media relations department at NASA when he asked to take on the role of spokesman for the Millennium Gate. In this capacity he had to deal with the last obstacle before construction of the Millennium Gate could begin, Henry Janeway's resistance to sell his property.

On December 28, 2000, Moss gave an interview to reporter Marci Collins for 3 Action News in which he stated that the building of the Millennium Gate would begin on the first day of 2001 and that the people of Portage Creek were giving their full cooperation to the project. The interview was interrupted by Henry Janeway, who opposed its construction despite Moss's contention that the project was in the best interest of the future of Portage Creek. When asked by Marci Collins, Moss confirmed that if there could not be an agreement with the people of Portage Creek the project would have to be built at an alternate location, though he refused to confirm speculation that Canton, Ohio was that site.

After the interview Moss noticed Shannon O'Donnel, who he seemed to know from her time at NASA, as Henry walked back to his bookstore.

O'Donnell's job had been eliminated at NASA and Moss seemed to feel sympathy for her. He offered her a position as a consulting engineer on the Millennium Gate project if she would try to talk Henry Janeway into selling his bookstore.

Although she was unable to convince Henry to sell, Moss ultimately offered her the job anyway. (VOY: "11:59")

Moss was played by actor John Carroll Lynch.
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