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Germany was a country on Earth's European continent.


In the mid-20th century, after its defeat in World War I, Germany was a bankrupted and comparatively small nation. After the fascist Nazi Party came to power under the leadership of Adolf Hitler, Nazi Germany or Third Reich rose to prominence and almost gained global domination in World War II. Germany was ultimately defeated in the war, which had to be achieved with great sacrifices. According to historian John Gill, it was the most efficient state in Earth history. (TOS: "Patterns of Force")

During the war, Germany fought against the Allies, including France, Poland, Great Britain and the United States of America. (DS9: "Homefront"; VOY: "The Killing Game")

In an alternate World War II, Germany, aided by the Na'kuhl, had conquered France, Belgium and the Netherlands, fought in Africa and Russia (capturing Moscow), and was able to launch a successful invasion of England and, by 1944, had taken much of the eastern coast of the United States of America. (ENT: "Storm Front")

In another alternate timeline, created by Leonard McCoy saving Edith Keeler, the United States delayed its entry into World War II. Germany thus could complete its heavy water-experiments, develop the atomic bomb and use V-2 rockets to deliver them, conquering the world. (TOS: "The City on the Edge of Forever")

Following World War II, Germany's capital Berlin was divided into two parts during the Cold War, one of which became West Berlin. (DS9: "Change of Heart")

In 2024, Germany participated in the Europa Mission. (PIC: "Watcher")

In 2032, Germany took part in the Ares IV mission. (VOY: "One Small Step")

The German flag could be seen on the Ares IV model amongst others. According to the Star Trek Fact Files, Germany was a member of the International Space Agency, the agency responsible for the Ares IV mission, in the early 21st century.

In 2143, the Ariane 1 assignment patch, which was on display in the 602 Club, bore the flag of European Space Agency member Germany. (ENT: "First Flight")


Germany was the home to the German people, culture and language. The German Shepherd dog was also first bred in Germany.

Germany's flag contained the colors of red, black and gold. (TNG: "The Last Outpost")

A traditional type of clothing from Germany were Lederhosen. (DS9: "The Maquis, Part I")

During World War II, Germany's currency was the Reichsmark. (VOY: "The Killing Game")




Background information

Germany and the Germans have almost exclusively been mentioned in the context of World War II, either its historic version or in alternate timelines where Germany was more successful.

The country's flag, used before and after the Nazi era, was described in "The Last Outpost" and appeared in several graphics related to 21st century spaceflight; Data described it as "red, black and gold", though the correct order is black, red and gold.

People of German origin have been referenced or appeared in various historical contexts; other than persons related to World War II, 23rd century Starfleet officer Carl Jaeger was explicitly described as being of German descent in "The Squire of Gothos".

Apart from various locations and the starship USS Berlin named after Berlin, the USS Emden was either named after the German city or one of several German warships. Also, the Danube-class is named after the European river Danube, which originates in Germany.

The House of Hanover is named after the German city of Hanover. Johann Sebastian Bach's Third Brandenburg Concerto references the region of Brandenburg in Eastern Germany.

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