Commander Tucker enjoys some gespar, though it is not fresh

Gespar was a type of food. It was a Vulcan fruit and was often served for breakfast. If not kept fresh, gespar may not taste as good.

As guests, and under Vulcan tradition, T'Pol and Charles Tucker prepared gespar for breakfast when they visited T'Les' home in 2154. (ENT: "Home")

The writers of "Home" got gespar from the RPG manual and guide to Vulcan culture "The Way of Kolinahr." There, it is described as a temperate region flora, that tastes like a "cross between a pineapple and a Rigellian kir – tangy and piquant." The method of preparing it is described as splitting its reddish-pink outer layer and removing a seed pod in the center for replanting. The rind of the gespar is said to be used in the production of soap and perfume since ancient times.
In the final draft script of "Home", gespar was described as a red fruit.
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