The Gideon Council Chamber was where the Gideon Council convened in the capital city of Gideon in 2268.

The transporter coordinates for this room were 875 020 709. Following James T. Kirk's transport there by Spock, Hodin claimed that Kirk never arrived. After assuring him that Montgomery Scott had corrected a problem with the transporters, Spock then requested to beam down to the chamber himself. This request was initially approved and was to follow the successful beam up of a member of Gideon's staff, Kodrak, onto the USS Enterprise. The beam down of Spock was then denied, leading Spock to send Kodrak back to Gideon.

Later, Spock determined the approximate location of Kirk's captivity and relayed this fact to Admiral Fitzgerald, who scoffed at the idea of Kirk being harmed in the council chamber. Spock assured him that Kirk was not in the chamber proper, but rather an area nearby. (TOS: "The Mark of Gideon")