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"…Seyetik is one of the Federation's greatest minds."
"I know, he told me."
– Benjamin Sisko and Kira Nerys, 2370 ("Second Sight")

Professor Gideon Seyetik was a male Human scientist and terraformer in the 24th century United Federation of Planets. Known as one of the greatest minds in the Federation, some of his work included the planets Blue Horizon and New Halana. He considered Da Vinci Falls to be Blue Horizon's "crowning glory". He was married nine times, and his last wife was Nidell.

Besides terraforming, his personal interests included painting, poetry and cooking. He had an exhibit of his paintings displayed at the Central Gallery on Ligobis X. Among literature, the professor appreciated the works of the Klingon poet G'trok, who wrote "The Fall of Kang". As an accomplished chef, he had a recipe for stew which he worked on for years.

He was, as well, the author of an autobiography, which, in 2370, consisted of nine volumes and counting.

Seyetik met his (ninth) wife Nidell after his work on New Halana. During the celebration held for him by the Halanans, they met and fell in love immediately. Promising to show her the universe, they married and left the planet.

Seyetik once visited Terosa Prime, where Nidell almost died when she lost control of her psychoprojective telepathy and created an alter ego, Fenna. With the harm she apparently caused Nidell, she promised to leave and never return, and Seyetik held her to that.

In 2370, the USS Prometheus was assigned to assist Seyetik in a project where he used protomatter in an attempt to reignite the dead star Epsilon 119. At this time his wife Nidell again lost control of her psychoprojective telepathy and Fenna appeared again, but initially only to meet Benjamin Sisko and fall in love with him.

When Sisko met his wife, Seyetik explained that Fenna was a psychoprojection of Nidell. Seyetik stated that the psychoprojection was caused by great emotional distress, which is so great that it could kill Nidell. He admitted that he was the cause of that distress, and since Halanans mate for life, Nidell can never leave him.

He decided to pilot a shuttlepod into Epsilon 119. Seyetik loved her so much that he insisted that he wanted to set Nidell free and save her life, and killing himself was the only way. His ship exploded on impact, the sun was brought back to life, Fenna disappeared and Nidell recovered. Before he did so, he revealed that he has written his own obituary which he wanted sent to the Daystrom Institute after his death. His last words were "Let there be light!" (DS9: "Second Sight")

Professor Seyetik was played by Richard Kiley.

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