Gin'tak was a position of authority within a Klingon Great House. The position of gin'tak was reserved for a trusted adviser. The adviser who held the position was trusted absolutely and could even become a member of the House which he served. The gin'tak put the good of his House above all other considerations, even personal honor. The gin'tak also had the right to invoke ya'nora kor if he felt the actions of a member of the House threatened the standing of the family.

K'mtar was gin'tak to the House of Mogh in 2370 when a future version of Alexander Rozhenko traveled to that year and assumed his identity as gin'tak in order to gain the trust of Worf. (TNG: "Firstborn")

In The Left Hand of Destiny novels, Darok, Martok's aide during the Dominion War, was also gin'tak to the House of Martok. According to Star Trek Online, by 2405, Worf, now a general in the Defense Force, became gin'tak to the House of Martok for Drex, who had become head of the House after the (apparent) death of Martok.
Tumek may have been gin'tak to the House of Grilka.

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