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== External links ==
== External links ==
* {{Wikipedia|Gina Ravera}}
* {{Wikipedia|Gina Ravera}}
* {{IMDb-link|page=nm0712406|name=Gina Ravera}}
* {{imdb|name/nm0712406|Gina Ravera|external}}
* {{NowCasting|ginaravera|Gina Ravera}}
* {{NowCasting|ginaravera|Gina Ravera}}

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Gina Ravera (born 20 May 1966; age 54) is an actress of African-American descent with Native American and European ancestry who played the role of Ensign Tyler in the I AM ERROR seventh season episode "Phantasms". Like in this episode, she was often listed as Gina Ravarra, which is her birth name.

She has made a number of television and film appearances since her debut in 1990 in Lambada and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. She also made appearances in White Mile (1994, with Robert Picardo, Jacqueline Kim, Dakin Matthews, Ken Jenkins, Dan Kern, Fionnula Flanagan, Dan Gilvezan, Don McManus, Brett Porter, Brian Markinson, Ken Thorley and stuntman Tom Lupo), W.E.I.R.D. World (1995, with Cyia Batten, Scott Nimerfro, and Clayton Rohner), and Showgirls (1995, with Michelle Johnston and Eric Ritter).

More recently, she starred as Dr. Bettina DeJesus in several episodes of the drama series ER (2006-2008) and as Detective Irene Daniels in the crime series The Closer (2005-2009). Ravera also had guest roles in episodes of Private Practice (2009) and Lie to Me (2011).

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