Alternate Reality
(split 2233)

"I found this in Chekov's locker"

Glenfiddich was a brand of Scotch whisky in the 23rd century of the alternate reality.

In 2263, Leonard McCoy secretly took a bottle of Glenfiddich he had "found" in Pavel Chekov's locker aboard the USS Enterprise, and shared a glass with James T. Kirk to celebrate the captain's thirtieth birthday. Both were surprised at Chekov's choice of whisky rather than vodka.

McCoy poured some of the Glenfiddich into three glasses: one for him, one for Kirk, and one for Kirk's father, who had died on the day Kirk had been born. After taking their first mouthful of the drink together, both Kirk and McCoy expressed their pleasure at the taste of the Glenfiddich, McCoy remarking, "Lordy!" Just before they finished their glasses, McCoy made a toast to "perfect eyesight and a full head of hair." (Star Trek Beyond)

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