For the person, please see Robert H. Goddard. For the starship, please see USS Goddard.

The Goddard was a Federation Type 6 shuttlecraft that was in service with Starfleet in the mid-24th century, attached to the USS Enterprise-D. It was shuttle number 15, replacing the shuttlecraft Magellan lost in 2368.

In late 2368, Lieutenant Worf and Lieutenant Commander Data flew the Goddard to the damaged Romulan science ship aided by the Enterprise, carrying supplies and other equipment. They were unaware that Ensign Ro Laren and Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge were also aboard, phase cloaked after a transporter accident exposed them to chronitons from an interphase cloaking device. (TNG: "The Next Phase")

Early in 2369, Captain Jean-Luc Picard "loaned" the Goddard to Captain Montgomery Scott, as thanks for his role in freeing the Enterprise from the interior of a Dyson sphere. Picard felt that since Scott lost his ship, the USS Jenolan, while rescuing the Enterprise-D, it was only fair the Enterprise return the favor. La Forge told him the craft was slightly slow, but it would be able to take him to the Norpin colony. However, Scott decided to postpone his trip there, and used the Goddard to depart for parts unknown. (TNG: "Relics")

The Star Trek Encyclopedia (4th ed., vol. 1, p. 307) stated that the shuttlecraft was "named for American rocket scientist Robert H. Goddard (1882-1945), inventor of the liquid-fueled rocket."



The Goddard appears in the comic "Light of the Day", set shortly before "Relics", in which solar flare activity causes it to crash-land onto a snowy planet, setting the scene for the rest of the comic.

The novelization of Relics, gives the name of the shuttle as the Chistopher, named for Shaun Geoffrey Christopher.

Set after "Relics", the Goddard also appears in the novel Crossover, where under Scotty's ownership it had been rechristened Romaine, after Mira Romaine. In the novel, Scotty steals the USS Yorktown to rescue Spock from Romulan captivity, and uses the Goddard's comparatively powerful computer to control the Yorktown in place of the hundreds of crewpersons it would normally have required.

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